Mattei dr. Ivo s.r.l.,

wholesale and retail shoes trade,

3/A Colombi Guidotti street, 43100 Parma (Italy).

Tel. +39 0521 980930. Fax +39 0521 981317.

Our selling point, in Parma since 1951, has dicided to open this virtual shop-window to show our best products.

But we can't show all of our products in these pages: so we invite you to visit our main shop in the following opening hours:

morning: 8,30 - 12,30

afternoon: 14,30 - 18,30;

every day except Sunday.

If you want, you can phone or send us a fax or an e-mail to come in touch with our staff.

Please, let us your phone number or your e.mail address: we will be pleased to call you and inform you about delivery and payment conditions.

If you want to visit our web site. you have to click on the links on your left. If you want to come back here, click on START.

We hope you enjoy what you see.

Thank you for your visit.

Mattei Shoe Shop Staff